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International Pen Set -

I have a question regarding the International Pen Set Actually, I have several, but for now I'll focus on question #1: What is the intended use for pens: 38-39-40 58-59-60 78-79-80 98-99-100 118-119-120 The International Template (I refer to this non...

reducing zone area v19

hi! I'm calculating zones according to our principles and we have to calculate volume of the roof, but we shouldn't include the area. so I'm kind of working around - zone is trimmed by SEO operations to the roof so the volume is correct, but, since I...

Door Schedule - Door Type Filter

Hi. First time posting an inquiry in this forum. I hope y'all would be kind to share your thoughts and suggestions. So I'm trying to set our door and window schedule. I know Archicad has preset door schedule which is fine but we want to do some chang...

4K Tablet

Deleted Control Light

AC19 -- never seen this before, and nothing in Help: Favorites Palette displays a "Deleted" control light -- not too concerned because Favorites can be Imported from our Template, but curious just-the-same. Not sure what it means, as the Favorites ar...

Legacy Template Migration

Hi Helpful Peoples, I have spent a lot of the previous week building templates after the bounce from AC15 to AC20. I am now trying to make a legacy template to aid with opening old files. My local AC office suggest I use "replace attributes" command....

JoWplan by Newcomer
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Can not reserve library parts, dimension lines, etc

we have a number of library parts and a dimension line in a teamwork file that can not be accessed. Hotspots are greyed out as though the items are not reserved by the team member. In the first team members archicad, the items show they are free for ...