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BUG? Hidden objects' labels appear in DWG export

When an object is on a hidden layer, it's associated labels are also hidden (by default). But when we export the view as DWG, the labels of hidden objects will appear! Obviously, the labels shoudl be hidden. Of course this can be circumvented by sett...

pejotu by Participant
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Archicad version issue

I have two questions regarding Archicad version issue. 1. I have AC19-INT & Client has AC-19-USA & BIM server. I have created file in AC19-INT & loaded library from client server, but this file used library unable to load from client side which they ...

door and window schedule

Hi! I have a window part from D3 Library part from "D3 Real Door+Window" How can show it in the door schedule instead of window schedule? In group and element classification already change it to door but still shows in window schedule. Thanks

Anonymous by Not applicable
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BIM server library issue

Hi, I have INT version of AC19 & my client has US version of AC19. I have loaded library using login username & password from BIM server but my client is unable to load same library from server. Is that version issue? Please help to solve this proble...

export site geometry IFC

I want to export a terrain model to IFC. I created the model using mesh and the element is classified as 'Site Geometry'. However, it did not get exported and when I saw the properties there is no IFC properties, unlike other elements (which has IFC ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Adding Units to Zone Schedule Value Measured Area

I'm trying to create an area summary of my zones but I can only get the values for the measured areas referenced from the zones to show as a number not a number with units after. For example Site Area 1 is listed as 650 rather than 650m2. When I add ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Problems with Cadimage Site Boundary Archicad 20

Is anyone else having problems with the cad image site boundary tool in archicad 20? every time i click into it, it comes up with the settings and as soon as i try to draw a boundary line, or enter in any of the lengths or angles - it shuts down and ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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