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Zone finish for walls, floors and ceiling

Hello Is it possible to define the default finish for zones? I want to schedule a lot of zones with different custom finishes and it would be a lot easier to choose from a predefined list. I am aware of the CUSTOM option, it would be nice if the valu...

uisanata by Newcomer
  • 10 replies

New Request for Graphisoft Team

Hello, I have a new request for downloading Archicad goodies on the Graphisoft web site. Currently (if you're come from Europe) we must download separately all goodies. Is it possible for Graphisoft (like for goodies download for USA) to add one dmg ...

Problem with cadimage door

Hello everyone! I'm having a problem with a cadimage door (I'm using cadimage in an Archicad 19 EDU version), as you can see in the attached pic the door has this points about 2' from it and is displaying wrong and making the wall show wrong, in 3D e...

arqrivas by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Siding in section

This isn't a major issue, but it would be nice to have the siding of exterior walls displayed as overlapping, appearing to be more realistic and easy to distinguish from the sheathing and air gaps. So how do you go about doing that? Surely there exis...

Buying a new Laptop to use ArchiCAD 19 on

Hi all, I'm looking into what laptop to buy to use out of the office for ArchiCAD 19. At the moment my PC uses windows but I see that whenever you look up info for ArchiCAD that most of the time people are using Mac. I've never used a Mac and wonder ...

Geblues by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

BIM server and ArchiCAD not compatible

Hello, I've just installed my BIM server for the first time and am trying to share some projects with my team. I get the message that my ArchiCAD (latest hot fix 5005) and BIM server version 3003 are not compatible. I looked everywhere in the BIM Ser...

PLN viewer on mobile devices

BIMx is cool but... If I want to view my plan on the construction site to check just a detail?? Please, don't tell me to convert my model to BIMx every day. I also need a PLN viewer on mobile devices!

Door schedule and hardware group

Anyone have develop a method for matching hardware group and door schedule Went we do a door schedule we have a list of hardware group. Is there anyway we can't relate the hardware group in the schedule auto. Exemple: went we do door elevation schedu...

mhoude by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Coordinates Schedule

Hey forum, since AC17 I had create a schedule (listing) that reads and outputs the X,Y,Z coordinates of the object "Coordinates 17" and later "Coordinates 18" using the variables point_X , point_Y and point_Z. It worked great but in AC19 I cannot fin...

Anestis by Newcomer
  • 2 replies