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PLN viewer on mobile devices

BIMx is cool but... If I want to view my plan on the construction site to check just a detail?? Please, don't tell me to convert my model to BIMx every day. I also need a PLN viewer on mobile devices!

Door schedule and hardware group

Anyone have develop a method for matching hardware group and door schedule Went we do a door schedule we have a list of hardware group. Is there anyway we can't relate the hardware group in the schedule auto. Exemple: went we do door elevation schedu...

mhoude by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Coordinates Schedule

Hey forum, since AC17 I had create a schedule (listing) that reads and outputs the X,Y,Z coordinates of the object "Coordinates 17" and later "Coordinates 18" using the variables point_X , point_Y and point_Z. It worked great but in AC19 I cannot fin...

Anestis by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Cannot active the BIM Server

Hello , I cannot active the BIM Server 18 INT. When I try to do it, it prompts that : "Connection Error, please try again." However, I can login at :"", So, there should NOT be a network connection problem. Is there...

Texture alignment in a Google Warehouse object

Greetings, I have imported objects from Google Warehouse in Sketchup format. When an image map is included in the import, the image becomes out of alignment (see attached). The imported object comes in as one piece even though it is made of of many i...

Archicad to 3dsmax

Hi, I've setup a uservoice request for a better exporter/importer for Archicad to 3dsmax. So if anyone wants to vote for it, go to this link

IFC 2x3 file conversions

I have a project where I am using the renovation filter to create Alternates for a new School project. I use the New construction for the base bid and the demolition plan for the alternate(S). I noticed that when I create an IFC file it does not "res...

Ganged Window Scheduling ArchiCAD 18

Hey all, Running into an issue where I've ganged multiple windows together and now want to have it scheduled as one opening (there wasn't a library part for what I specifically designed and not advanced enough to create one yet - the office as a whol...

jmings by Newcomer
  • 2 replies