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Export "empty" propertysets from AC 19

Hi... we are working on a workflow, where the different engineers can enrich our archicad modell via IFC import/exports.. per now we have a couple of problems. is the possibility to merge only ifc parameters and not geometry from an ifc file bac...

Java and ArchiCAD

We just had some BIMServer headaches this morning and I would just like to remind everyone: Step 1 to fix anything ArchiCAD: Update Java A user created a Teamwork project a few days ago that several of us connected to and have been working in. Yester...

archicad 19 teamwork and libraries

Hi! how to set up libraries to be loaded on every computer that has joind teamwork. I have set to have only standard library loaded in my teamwork but every comp that is in does not load standard library. Every comp has it on its C: drive.

mzex by Newcomer
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Scheduling of local variables in GDL Object

Hi, I'm severely editing the existing Graphisoft Zone Stamp object to allow a bespoke Masterplanning Zone Stamp (acres, hectares, sq ft, etc). The code takes the basic gross_area = str (area_form, Temp_GrossArea) line, applies a series of calculation...

Teamwork file will not reserve Hotlink Manager

This morning a couple of us hit on a problem with our TW Project where we could not reserve the Hotlink Manager. The only thing we could think to do was save as a PLN, delete the Project from the BIMServer and reshare the Project. That appeared to wo...