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Sharing a project .PLN file with someone else

Hi there - I'm working with someone in another country who is going to assist/ collaborate with me on a project. He has the International version of Archicad 23 and I have the US version 23. What is the best way I can send him a template .pln file th...

Archicad 24 to Autocad 20, unit not matching

I am saving the Archicad file to autocad file, using File > Saveas > DWG . Even my drawing units is in Feet and inches, and while saving I selected the units as Foot only.But, If I open that in autocad and check the units, are in inches, if I measure...

Roopa A by Participant
  • 5 replies

Publish only visible Layers in a Linked Xref drawing

As a continuation from my last post, I have also a problem with layers in a published DWG. Or to be more specific, when I publish a layout as a DWG with the Drawings as an xref (Place Drawing into: Linked Xref drawings). Normally, the DWG Translator ...

mb by Contributor
  • 0 replies

Autotext in DWG

Is it possible to publish autotexts from Archicad that will keep their functionality also in DWG? What I need is a File Path Autotext in a DWG-file, that will show the DWG's location. When I place such autotext in Archicad, it tells me the Archicad f...

mb by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Volume calculation in abacus

Hi all.I made a abacus with the following fields: zone name, height, calculated area, net volume. It's similar to the one I found in the tutorial on youtube Graphisoft page (link). The results seems to be wrong. For example, zone area 41.38mq, height...

elle83 by Participant
  • 2 replies

Parking Stalls for IFC Translation

IFC lists a Parking Space or Stall as a Predefined Space Type. My Parking Stall object and anyone else's are objects to which I can't assign something that Archicad associates with Zones (which are space types). Does anyone know of a way to spoof the...

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