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Archicad19 to gbXML?

hello! I aimed to use an AC19 model as an input geometry file (which contains spaces-zones) for an energy simulation software. GbXML file format is required for the energy simulation software. Can anyone suggest me a plug-in or a method for this proc...

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BIM Server 18 Library Migration

I'm trying to migrate libraries to a new installation. This is build 5100 at the moment. I've managed to export and import users and projects. I had to import projects through the web interface because "TeamworkServerProjectStoreRestoreTool" didn't s...

Advice for 3D Grading Coordination on Large Sites

Hi! I’m looking for some wisdom, advice, and best practices for exchanging 3D grading information with our engineers. Our firm does a lot of multi-family work, and sometimes the grading coordination can be quite overwhelming. I know that our Civil en...

Door Schedule Orientation not showing

Why are the only doors that don't have an orientation of Left or Right hand ( like double doors, bi-pass, etc... showing an orientation, but none of the doors that would have an Left or Right hand orientation not showing one ? It could be because I h...

Door Schedule Selection for visible layers

When you select a door or window in a schedule and try to go to it in the Plan View by using the Selection in Floor Plan or Select in 3D tab/box/button ( whatever it is called) the layers for that door or window must be turned on or it wont work. But...

BIMobject® Mosquito Wall Systems

Not sure what category this topic should be in. Anyone tested this or using it with 19 ? Objects are create...

Import problems IFC from Revit to ArchiCAD

I am having issues converting a Revit model into ArchiCAD, and can find very little help online - everyone's trying to convert the other way! I have the Graphisoft plugin for Revit and am impressed that, visually, the model looks very good when it co...

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Windows Firewall (what do I let though?)

Attached is an image of my firewall settings. I have been having several problems with ArchiCAD and I keep wondering if it is because my firewall is blocking things. Things like some Send/Receive occasionally, and now I don't get messages from teamwo...

Gus by Newcomer
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Export U-Value on IFC

Hi everyone after trying for hours and searching google and the Archicad support site, may someone please help me on how I can include U-Values on architectural components when exporting on IFC 2x3? Many thanks

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