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Error in Norgips Wall for AC 17

Hi everyone! I did the download of Norgips Wall on BIMObject and I have been using it in ArchiCAD 17, but there is something wrong in corner joints. Please, see the attached image (link). However, in AC 16, th...

Best procedure to restart the BimServer 18

How do you restart TW when the bimserver crashes and the web interface says that it is not available? I just open a TW file found that I was offline, checked that the static IP address on the server had not changed and since it hadn't and I was still...

Mac User and PC User - Dropbox Issues

Hi there I'm an Aussie living in Canada working with/for a MAC User on Archicad 17....I am on PC We are dropboxing pln's but I want it to set the MAC user up so she can share my basic library off dropbox and also set up the print directory in dropbox...

adro003 by Newcomer
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Ultimate BIM server machine

Having missed the small print in the AC18 press releases I had not realised that our Windows Server 2008 SP2 (Small Business Server edition) is not able to run AC18 BIM Server. We now have to look at building a standalone BIM Server box (because I'm ...


When I tried to install my ArchiCAD 18's BIM Server, the following message is displayed: "Error occurred during the 'Install Module' process. Once I installed the BIM Server, I can't link ArchiCAD 18 to it because of that error. Into my ArhiCAD 18 In...

Mjules by Booster
  • 8 replies

V16 to v18 and dealing with Legacy data

Planning long term to upgrade the office to version 18 from version 16. This will require an OS upgrade on our client macs to Mavricks OS. Does anyone know if the new operation system will prevent us from opening legacy Data, ie. old projects from ve...

Google earth and 18

There is an add-on for Google Earth, SketchUp and Google 3D Warehouse Connections that shows ArchiCAD 16. Does this work in 18? I know sketch has moved on. I know we can drag and drop warehouse parts. I know I can save my model out as a KMZ file Than...

Door and Window

I have a file with hotlinked unit plans in an apartment complex. Is there a way that allows me to have the common doors and window markers to show on the entire building, but the unit plan doors to not show in the main file? And in my unit plan view ...

CineRender Import Textures from Internet

When I download texture packs from the internet they are lib4d files. How do I import them into CineRender? Also, what is the difference between the pre-set scene and the pre-set scene (physical) I don't see one in rendering or speed.

BimServer 18: Can't log in

I just installed BimServer 18, and have managed to get to the user interface website. Now I need a user name and password, which I have not set up yet. Is there a default?

R Muller by Participant
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