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Archi terra - Contour line settings - confused

Hello, I'm trying to learn ArchiTerra and I'm having some trouble understanding it. I haven't seen this question answered in the (scarce!) documentation that I have found. Im trying to add contours to a mesh. The mesh has been converted to an ArchiTe...

Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 09.10.29.png

North Angle / Survey Point AC25

We've been having an issue regarding the new Survey Point tool in AC25. In our workflow with other firms in projects we don't align the Y axis to the true north. We align Y axis to a direction which is more conveniently aligned to the site/building. ...


How can I have a door in two zones in the door schedule, for instanceUNIT 1 (main zone)/D01 MAIN ENTRY (zone into main zone)D02 MASTER BEDROOM (zone into main zone)etc.etc.ThanksArchicad 25MacOS Monterey 12.1

Edmon by Contributor
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I have an AutoCAD .dwg file where everything in the model space is drawn at 1:1 I need to open with file with Archicad so that everything can be view in my Plan View at 1/4" = 1'-0" What are the translator setting I need to use ?

EMERGENCY: full acces privileges lost!!!

With the master user "full access", I accidentally unchecked some of the administration privileges profile and now we can't access these settings in order to restore them because nobody has these privileges anymore. Also, we can'e access all the proj...

vlgreter by Participant
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Importing XLSX Buggy?

I've exportet a scheme of properties, filled it with data Excel, and tries to import them, and what happens? Nothing. Nada. I tried importing my empty XLXS sheet I just had exported, and the dialogbox appears, as normal. However, trying to import the...

Resolved! Archicad keeps crashing on certain commands

Hi. I am facing a repeating problem with Archicad 24. It keeps crashing while performing certain tasks. For example: It crashes when trying to update certain drawings in the layout. It will crash when deleting a particular section line It will crash ...

Object in schedule counted multiple times

I have created a custom stool from beams and morph. I have saved it as object and placed it in the model. I have also created a schedule to count all the furniture and the stool is appearing in the schedule but counted 3 times even if in the model is...