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Archiforma Tube using 3D Polyline

Hey forum, I've been trying to create a sloped concrete construction as the ending of a slab/roof (see pic.1) The slab/roof has two slopes, so I created a 3d polyline using archiforma and then used tube extrude with the profile I needed, at a first g...

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18 bim server open ports

Re: accessing teamwork off site Are there any ports i need to open besides 1228 for server and 18008 for module do i only do this at the internet point in my airport utility? do i need to be doing this on individual computers?

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Accessing BIM Server from offsite/WAN

I am trying desperately to connect a colleague from off site. we can log into bim server manager from his internet browser. In archicad we can see the teamwork files in our BIM server, and i can choose to add the libraries from the bim server in the ...

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surface area of ply wd. roof sheathing

Basic element take offs in 3d and 2d views have different results? I'm trying to provide my client the total area of tile roof and would just like to ask if I'm doing this right. The first screen shot shows the house with all of the plywood sht'g sel...

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Public Views completely disappearing (TW18)

So today's TW efforts see all of my Public Views disappearing in the View Map. This has only happened since a colleague joined me on a project which I have for the last week been working in by myself (albeit still teamworked). What's strange is that ...

Total Area of Zone Category

Hi All, I've used Archicad-talk as a reference for many years now but this is the first time posting, so be kind! I have a drawing set up with zones of multiple categories and a schedule listing those zones accordingly. However, the issue I am having...

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Creating groups of users in TW server 18?

the server management tool for teamwork 18 seems to suggest that 'groups' of users can be added to a project. trouble is, i can't find anywhere to create a group of users in the first place... we also tried adding the name of the 'Role' in case that ...