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DWG translator and Jpegs

We have layouts with jpegs and pdfs on -jpeg is our logo on the master - pdfs are notes referenced from an excel file These are only ever referenced (like an xref) so if the images aren't sent and filed the client/consultant won't see these is auotca...

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Select multiple columns in a schedule

Hi, It happens quite often that I need to select objects by parameters that only exists in schedules in order to apply changes to these object at once. Is there a way to select multiple columns in schedules in order to display the objects of the sele...

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v18 Solo - Layers have alpha numeric prefix

I've just upgraded to v18 Solo, and opened a fresh project. The 'layer settings' appear to have lots more layers than v17 and almost all have a 6 digit alpha numeric prefix. Please would you let me know if I have installed v18 wrong or is this a new ...

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I keep having to restart Bimserver18

Every few days we find that we cannot access the Bimserver18. A reboot resolves it. Any idea on what could be the problem? We've almost never had to reboot Bimserver17/16/15 PC has a static IP It's mostly (but not always) when we start work in the mo...

TW server does not "see" the sent/received changes

Hey forum, before stating my problem, I'd like to say that TM is one of the most useful any office could have and it has become absolutely vital in our workflow. Having said that, I'd like to adress an issue that we have faced on some occasions, but ...

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Error in Norgips Wall for AC 17

Hi everyone! I did the download of Norgips Wall on BIMObject and I have been using it in ArchiCAD 17, but there is something wrong in corner joints. Please, see the attached image (link). However, in AC 16, th...