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SketchUp no longer free

This article gives a pretty good overview of the fact that since the last upgrade of SketchUp, its free version, which is now called SketchUp Make, is not licenced for commercial work. Which is an interesting development because millions upon million...

Stray site wall - Hotlinked model

there's a stray (it's obvious....angled low wall in pick) coming from a hotlinked file. when we open the "site hotlink" it's not there. when we open the "building TW"'s there. What gives? on the site TW hotlink, the paving is a mesh that h...

rob2218 by Booster
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Can't generate a useful .3ds file

I am unable to save my ArchiCAD 18 models as .3ds and import them to Maxwell Render. The Maxwell Render plug-in works but so I can get the model in to Maxwell Studio but not by saving the model as .3ds and then importing it. I have been able to do it...

Teamwork, Reserving Elements, and HLMs

In my current TW project, reserving an element that is part of a hotlinked module reserves the entire instance of the module, even with "Suspend Groups" checked. So "My Workspace" shows any and all Project Regions containing elements from the hotlink...


Anyone using this? There needs to be a description of what it does, and what it does not do. It appears to me as if this is essentially a screen capture program. It applies better lig...

Hotlink Modules to Navisworks

Hey team. Wondering if you could please help me out. I am not an ArchiCAD user so forgive me if my terminology is incorrect. I need to know how hotlink modules behave when the come in to Naviswork. In terms of a multistory building with identical flo...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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dwg import problem all lines the same weight

Hi, everyone. I use archicad for several years, bet this year is the first time i had to import and export to autocad dwg file and i confronted with dwg importing issue. When i import dwg, all lines are shown with autocads colors, but the lineweights...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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