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Migrating BIM Server, any issues to expect?

My office has bought a new Mac Server to the replace the old one. We use Archicad 14 and have not upgraded yet. I assume that as long as all of our BIM Server files that were located on the original server, as well all library files, are relocated to...

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scan to BIM

Is there any ability to use the latest laser scanning technology and importing the file to Archicad? I was considering purchasing this: I just spent hours measuring an old house...

importing DWG contours

I have been self-educating with ArcMap, the defacto Autocad of the GIS world, with the end goal of generating better meshes for my site plans. One can extract pretty accurate real world conditions from LiDAR, convert it to contours set to intervals o...

Schedule was full, pressed enter and now its empty.

So I am officially freaking out. I don't know what happened. The long and short of my problem is that I had created a schedule for all of my projects doors. Everything was great until I pressed the enter key and it starts scrolling through all of my ...

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AC15-4056-HF5 Update Kills Teamwork

I have BIMserver running AC16 and AC15 modules. After updating AC15 to hotfix 5 BimS will not start the error is attached. To fix it I have to restore the BimServer folder from a Time Machine backup, delete the preferences, reinstall BimServer 15, In...

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Archicad save as "dwg" and Vray for sketchup error.

I saved my Archicad file as dwg format and imported it in sketchup. It work perfectly. but when I push the render button of Vray for sketchup it always get the error message and my vray dont work. The vray for sketchup works good when I import the dw...

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How is your data stored/accessed?

We are a small office currently using an NAS and Mozy back up service which is expensive and just does backup with out the ability to remote modify files. We don't have more than 1 person working on a project at a time. I was looking at Google Drive ...

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