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Complex profile surface calculation

I would like to know how can I create a scheme that calculates surface area os the different materials from which a complex profile wall is built. Let´s say I have a wall 3m high, with stone going to 2m high, and plaster from 2m to 3m, all done from ...

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Export as .obj -problems with scaled textures.

We have a job which includes generating .xnb files from Archicad. We use a xnb-builder which works with import of obj files. The problem is that the mapped textures are scaled incorrectly some 10-15%, why is that? and can it be avoided? We are quite ...

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DNS failure?

We are recently experiencing the following problem: Even though everyone is regularly using TW and sending/receiving normaly, at one point somebody is unable to send/receive or reserve and gets an error message of "Unsuccesfull Teamwork Operation". T...

MEP for AC16 - Where to download from?

I have just upgraded to AC16 (INT Full), but the disc did not have the MEP addon. I have tried searching the GS site, but I cannot find any link to download; only V15 links are available. I need this is as I cannot edit any objects that have MEP conn...

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Do you need to install BIM Server to use Teamwork?

My office is looking to upgrade computers and ArchiCAD versions. Do you need to install BIM Server to use Teamwork functions in ArchiCAD 16? Obviously, BIM server gets much praise; however, it would require the purchase of an additional computer just...

BIM server upgrade from earlier versions to AC16

Dear All, Can you please confirm that we have to migrate each project separately when upgrading the BIM server from earlier versions to BIM AC 16?!!! Using Prepare for Migration command at Teamwork > Project > Migrate Project > Prepare for Migration....

TW Server Error: Connection cannot be established

Hi All, I am wondering if any of you encountered a similar problem that we are facing with our teamwork server. A week ago, we were able to share, connect and work directly on our local BIM server flawlessly. However, earlier this week, we are no lon...

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'Archive' Project?

Hello, I plan on purchasing the retina Macbook Pro in a month time (whenever Mountain Lion is released), and I have projects from ArchiCAD 14 and 15 that I will need to transfer. The projects used non-archicad objects and components such as OBJECTiVE...

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ArchiCAD 16 and Encina

Encina's add-ons have been updated for ArchiCAD 16 and are available for download here. The update is free to registered users (and students). The new versions will automatically recognise your existing registration, so you only need to download and ...