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client merge failed after receive changes ??

Hi, Suddenly I got this message while trying to join TW-project. I deleted the local copy and left the project and then joined...same result. I don't find this message in the wiki. Any ideas of what might have happened? Cheers Mats

Google earth 3d buildings layer

Did anybody manage to get a complex Archicad drawn building accepted in the 3d building layer of Google Earth? problems: - Models should be completely photo-textured - Models should not exhibit Z-fighting Do I have to fix the model in Sketchup?

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AC15 to Sketchup export crashing

Hi, I'm trying to export quite a large 3D model into Sketchup but it crashes each time. I've successfully exported a few chunks of the model (selected using the marquee), it only seems to fail when it gets the whole model. Has anyone had any issues w...

How to schedule SEO (Solid Element Operation)

Hi all, Anyone used to schedule SEO before? I have a big model with a whole number of SEO all over the places and I'd like to check each of them if needed as SEO is causing problem when importing into Revit. Hope to hear form you all soon. Cheers

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Crash - Cannot find string table in resources. [solved]

Suddenly this project file started crashing, first while sending changes to the Teamwork file, then I saved it as a solo project and it still crashes on saving with the following error Cannot find string table in resources. I've been working on this ...

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voice recognition

Has anyone had at least a reasonable success with a pc software voice recognition program within AC's text editor? Especially one that may have an advanced ability to "learn" some unique "words".

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Importing from skp: not editapble, just a 3D GDL

Hi, my next problem: If I import a Sketchup skp file, I only get a non-editable GDL object, not the (anywhere mentioned) walls, slabs, etc. I haven't found info on any version limitation of the skp import tool (ie the older ones don't import into edi...

Deleting Cells in Schedule

Hey guys, Just having trouble with my scheduling. Say for instance I have a window schedule and I have empty windows within my project but I do not want them listed on my schedule, how can I delete them without deleting them from the project. I can r...

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Text import from DWG

Apologies if this has already been asked but I am having some difficulty in importing a dwg file into ArchiCAD without having the text position and line spacing change dramatically, I have attached an image of the drawing file in dwg and one in pln f...

Screen Shot AutoCad.png
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