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BIMCollab changes FoV and cut surfaces - why!?

I have two issues in AC24 with BIMCollab 5.3 (BC) 1. Why does BC changes my view cone (FOV, field of view) when I change camera position using BC issue double click: Origina FOV 90: After using BC, FoV 119?: I always have to manually set back FOV to ...

Thinking on switching to BIMcloud... thoughts?

I am going to write this topic here, hoping it is the right place. We are thinking of developing on project between two offices via BIMcloud. The models though will be separated in multiple teamwork files due to the size of the project, therefore the...

agroni by Contributor
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Knowledge Sharing

I face a different issue I believe. I have no peers to talk about this product. Love it as I have change from a product that was actually made me want to start taking drugs. The challenge is there are no Architcad users here locally thus no local sup...

Resolved! Beam volume doubled in schedule?

Hi! Today I discovered a curious issue when calculating material volumes. All my beams doubled their volume in the schedule. I tried converting them all to morphs and all of them were halved in volume to their correct amount. Why is this happening? I...