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' Export ' Scale models ?

Hello, I'm pretty new to ArchiCAD, but can you save a section/elevation and then export it to a desired scale to then import it into adobe InDesign ? Does everything need to be printed in ArchiCAD in order to retain it's size/scale ? Thank You

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SketchUP into ArchiCAD?

I'm listening to a Webinar about AC and the presenter has stated that one can bring SketchUP files directly into AC. I have a Mac and have not been able to do this. What do I need to do? There are some many objects to incorporate and I can't get to t...

Double Doors

OK, I have seen this mentioned briefly before, but it's been a while so I'll ask again. Can you schedule a double door to read (2) 3'-0" x 7'-0" in lieu of 6'-0" x 7'-0", ie. schedule the width and height of the individual panels that make up the tot...

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LCF File Permission problem

We use an Office Standard Library called AMA Elements AC13.lcf today I modified a Library object within an extracted version of this Library then created a new LCF file and uploaded it to our Server (a Mac Xserve running X Server 10.5.6) I then used ...

version 13 schedule - snap and grid

Is it just me or is anyone else having this problem as well. I don't work with grids or the grid snap on. If I create a window schedule (in version 13) with a 3D front elevation image and I go into that image to anotate it the grid and the grid snap ...

ArchiCAD 13 on Mac OS X Server

Our office is considering installing a Mac OS Server and for an interim period using that server machine as an temporary ArchiCAD workstation until we purchase another computer for full time use. My questions are: Will ArchiCAD (13) run on Mac OS X S...

Sheet Index

To All Users, I am using the Project Index Sheet Index to generate my sheet index in AC12. I have two subset folders in the sheet layout, one which was for a planning commission review which included certain sheets from the second subset which is whe...

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Reinforced concrete addon

I tried to find some solution to make my colleague design reinforced concrete plans with ArchiCAD, but couldn't find it. I know there was one addon for this years ago, but it seems to disappear. Does anybody know anything that could help? Maybe a hin...

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