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BIM Server on Linux?

Our server is a Linux Suse machine. For the BIM Server I've had to use one of our Windows based computers. Does anyone know if there is a way to set it up on the Linux server? (preferably a hassle free, non compromising way) Thanks

TW2 broken Autotext

I like to place the the name and path, along with the printing date, in small text along the binding edge of my layouts. I just noticed that the File Name and File Path autotexts do not work with shared projects. I get the name/path of the last saved...

BIM Server, Attribute Manager & Merge command

Howdy, it appears that you cannot access a shared project's attributes through the Attribute Manager nor merge a shared project using the Merge command. Has anyone discovered otherwise? My workaround for both situations is to save out a temporary PLN...

Unsuccessful Teamwork Operation, Get content failed

I setup an ArchiCAD 13 BIM Server teamwork project yesterday. I had successfully shared 3 project files and had 2 other users in the projects. Today I get the following 2 error prompts when signing into one of them... "Unsuccessful Teamwork Operation...

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BIM server + Back ups + Time Machine

So I read the wiki article on data safety and came away more confused... This is what we do now.... Our .pln files sit on an external mirrored RAID drive attached to a Mac Mini that acts as our file server... This works great and I'm pretty sure I sh...

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archicad to artlantis (problems with add on)

hi guys im having problems with the artlantis add on version 2 when i want to save the project a message appears saying that the version of the add on is outdated what i should i cannot export anymore projects to artlantis since i installed the add o...

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Adobe Acrobat

Did you check this


All, I installed my new AC13 from the box and the 3d Studio import / export inside my menu is gone....Do you know how to make it coming back? Thank you for all your help Sincerely, DDJUSA

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"Sync" materials between two hotlinked projects?

So I have a bit of a problem... I have an AC12 project which has one file hotlinked into a master teamwork file. Both files have gradually gone their different ways, and materials have been added/deleted from each. As you might expect (which none of ...

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