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Own classifier like Omniclass

Can I add my own (custom) classifier? For example, a construction company demands from us. If not, are you planning to add it? By the type of how it is arranged in Revit.

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hybrid by Enthusiast
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Data management on big projects

Hello there, I am currently working on a big project and we have 9 different files. We are facing some difficulties having consistent data for our elements (layers, IFC classifications, properties, etc.). How would you do to manage data in a good man...

Parking Stalls for IFC Translation

IFC lists a Parking Space or Stall as a Predefined Space Type. My Parking Stall object and anyone else's are objects to which I can't assign something that Archicad associates with Zones (which are space types). Does anyone know of a way to spoof the...

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Resolved! BIMcloud Basic Snapshots | One project cannot be edited

Hi there, On BIMcloud Basic 2020.3 with Archicad 24. I cannot edit the snapshots settings for one specific project and I don't really know what to do. The edit button is there but when I click on it there is no drop-down menu. See snapshot attached T...

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Export hotlinks as xrefs.

We hotlink pln files (unit plans) into Teamwork building plans.Is there a way to export to DWGs with linked xrefs (for consulants). They want to be able to retain the link between the building file and the individual unit plans.

CI Tools AC25

Keen to move across to AC25, we are waiting for Central Innovation to release their CI Tools for AC25: Does anyone know when that might happen? The CI website is totally uninformative…

PB by Booster
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Migration from BimCloud Basic to BimCloud SaaS

Has anyone figured out a good way to migrate from BimCloud basic which we have remotely hosted on a VM, to BimCloud SaaS? I would really rather not have to download each project and associated hotlink than re-upload and re-link. Unfortunately, this s...

How to get Master Layout name as autotext

Hi, with every new update I look for the possibility to retrieve the name of the used master layout as autotext on different layouts. I have also asked our local support service (Norway), but no luck. I have made our office specific title block as a ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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When to transition to AC25 (Mac/Win office)

Hey guys! Been away for a while from all things ArchiCAD but now I'm back!!! So our office is using AC24 right now in a mixed Mac/Win office and I'm looking to see when we move over to AC25. Any bugs or issues that would be a hard stop to transitioni...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Zones export to IFC takes 4 hours

Hi everyone, At the office we are exporting a project to ifc format. When we exported the project with zones included it took aprox 4 hours to be finished and without the zones it took 1-2 minutes. The sizes of both IFCs didn't differ that much: 38mb...