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cover fills in door/window schedules

How can I eliminate glass fill in door & window schedules. Assumed it would be through schedule graphic over-rides. Have indicated door and window to have transparent fill but doesn't seem to do anything. Prints as a black block instead of only lines...

Data Wishlist

Can GS start a data wish list section please? I was making a comment on a wish about complex profiles: A complex profile is like drawing a construction system But the materials that make up that system all need to have their own data At the moment we...

Tim Ball by Enthusiast
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PARAM-O & multiples conditions

Hello I really like the principle of param-o. I have some difficulties with the "conditions" It would be necessary to be able to call the "nodes" (boolean for example) in the GDL scripts, otherwise this limits the possibilities. Or possibly develop a...

PMK 24 to 23

I am trying to share PMK drawings with another office who are using AC23, I am on AC24, when trying to open the file a warning is issued in AC23: "You can only open files created by PlotMaker 3.0 or later." Anyone have recommendations to transfer the...

Strategy of naming worksheets in your tempates?

Hi, First week of work after the holidays I'm working on some template improvements. I've been thinking of implementing a more strict naming convention regarding the worksheets and would like to hear your thoughts. Maybe you've done it in a smarter w...

Translate Archicad 23 Reference Guide to Vietnamse

Hi everyone! In my Current Project, i'll create a copy of Archicad 23 Reference Guide to Vietnamse. I've use it for Main content which i created on. I have worked with the Publisher to print this series. In Vietnam, only Publishers are authorized to ...

manhaaa by Newcomer
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Sum "True" values in a Schedule

Is there an easy way to sum all the "True" values in a schedule? I have a custom Property which is of "True/False" kind and I was wondering if it was possible to summarize only the True values other than by using the Flag in Scheme Settings. True/Fal...

mbl by Newcomer
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Is it possible to duplicate a layer combination so that I could be able to only change a few show settings? EDIT: or is it when you create a new combination it duplicated the one currently selected already?

Resolved! Bill of quiantities of objets in component schedules

Hello, as I have say in another topic, i'm trying to evolve from lists to schedules. I have been for years making use of GDL and components in properties scripts to obtain bill of quantities from objects, windows and doors. All my objects have a prop...

godi by Participant
  • 2 replies