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Can't get a good model in 3ds max

Hi, i'm kinda new to the 3d max software and i've been trying to export archicad files into 3d max. I seem to get it right at converting but my problem is that the model is so small i cant properly zoom into it. Can anyone give me a detailed walkthro...

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  • 4 replies

How to import dwg file in archicad12?

Hello, I have a file, in autocad format with dwg extenssion, that represents a floor plan for a house. I want, if it possible to import dwg file and archicad automatically rebuild the house in 3D. Can someone to tell me, the easy way to rebuild the h...

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  • 3 replies

ifc 2x3 problems

New-ish user here, with ArchiCAd 12. I'm trying to share the building model with our consultants in ifc 2x3 format. I'm hitting major snags when I do the "save as" to the ifc, though. I'm following the new reference guide, working from a pln file, el...

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Determining Displaced Volume

Does anyone know if there is any way to determine the volume of mesh? I am trying to figure out how much export fill I am going to have for a permit. Currently I have the site created as a mesh and the building sitting in it at the appropriate height...