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Hello everyone! Is there any way to change 100 schedules with one global option? For example the font type and size is wrong in all of them - should I go to every single schedules to change these settings? It is very time consuming. Thank you in adva...

ArchiCAD vs Revit origin + north forIFC coordination

Hi All, i'm working on a project on archicad , and i'll coordinate with a revit user, so the first thing is to correctly set the project location, ArchiCAD and revit location systemps are diferent, so i searched on the net, and i found this web page ...

FreeMVD - BIM Roundtripping - Extrusions

Anyone know ArchiCAD, IFC, & Github pretty well? If so, any interest to roundtrip the file circled below? And then push the resultant .PLN and .IFC files?

Empty DWG when opening with AC23

Hello, I have a problem with opening any dwg in AC23 (commercial version). They are totally empty. But when I open the same file with AC22 (edu version) it is all right. In this way I am not able to work with the AC23 version Does anyone know a solut...

Component Area Errors in Schedules

I've encountered this problem, when i try to calculate the area of a certain skin through the projected component/skin area listing parameter, if the element is cut by another element through SEO in a certain way (still haven't figured what's the con...

Zone Top area

Hello, does ArchiCAD have the ability to show Zone top area (when it's been cut/cropped by a roof)? Regards, P.

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