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Component Area Errors in Schedules

I've encountered this problem, when i try to calculate the area of a certain skin through the projected component/skin area listing parameter, if the element is cut by another element through SEO in a certain way (still haven't figured what's the con...

Zone Top area

Hello, does ArchiCAD have the ability to show Zone top area (when it's been cut/cropped by a roof)? Regards, P.

adzik by Newcomer
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Hello! Anyone have seen this: Conceptually seems very interesting, should be a node based object creator inside Archicad, I'm curious to see it in action and, how it manage the plan views.

archicad 23 dwg opening problem

Hello, I have a problem with Archicad 23 commercial license: when I open any dwg-s the file is simply empty. It contains the layouts but does not contain any lines of fills or anything. I am working on a mac. I can perfectly open dwg files with Archi...

composite skin label to schedule

I'm relatively new to archicad with this being my first post on the forum and as such I've pretty used up a reasonable amount of time trying to figure this out. Basically I'm putting together some wall schedules for a decent size project and am wonde...

Schedule Accuracy?

i somewhat serious problem occured today in our documentation. We use Zones to measure the built area and coverage of our building. We have to split up the zones to individual shapes, triangles and rectangles and put separate dimensions to each of th...