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MEP Product Research

Dear all, As a Product Manager for MEP related developments I would like to better understand the needs of architects and engineers using our products. Because of this I have compiled the following survey: Responses are more tha...

Get list of objects clashed in "clash detection"

Dear folks, how can I produce a list, which shows two objects clashing in one line? At least I need a 2-colum-list, where each colum show the ARCHICAD-GUID (internal ID) of each of the clashing-pair. Background: I got about 14.000 doors imported as g...

catch17 by Newcomer
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Zone schedule area formula

Hello everyone i would like to know if we have any possibility to have a schedule for zones show us the method that calculated the area, for example for an area of 17.16 m2 we have the formula 5.72 m*3 m , or if we have obstacles and we must calculat...

Mixing iMacs & PCs on same remote project

I work in a practice that uses mostly iMacs. I use a PC. Everyone is working remotely at the moment, connecting to the data server via VPN (using FortiClient), and the BIM Cloud. What I'm finding is that my ARCHICAD (on PC) can't find the \\server ad...

Bruce by Booster
  • 23 replies

Component Name in IFC

Hi, I'm trying to export an IFC file to a cost-estimation software. I'd like to keep elements geometry, to ease filtering elements by ARCHICAD Properties, but when I do this way Component quantities are listed like "Component1.Projected Area...", "Co...

Catalina 10.15.4 and DWG's

Hi All, Is anybody else having problems opening dwg drawings in ArchiCAD 22 Solo? I have recently updated my computer to Mac OS Catalina 10.15.4

Resolved! How do you set up fills in your custom template?

Hi, I'm updating our company template for AC23. Previously we used the default fills from GS but they are too many and many are redundant. Fills in AC are of two functions: generic patterns or defined material. An example is diagonal lines vs metal-a...

IFC Properties - New file from latest project settings

When i create a new file using AC23 and the latest project settings it doesn't take all of the classifications and properties with it. Is this supposed to happen? I know that i can import the properties again and then relink them, but it just seems u...

DWilson by Newcomer
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