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Interactive Schedule

Hello There I am new to this and I am using ArchiCAD for abut 2 years. I have renovation project and i was using "Empty Doors" now when i use command Interactive Schedule for Door Types this Empty Door shows up. So my question is there a option to no...

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ArchCad 9.0 > Transom Jack export.

Hi. I'm new to this forum and working at the University of Technology in Lulea Sweden, close to the arctic circle, as sys mgr at the computer centre. We are running classes in design, factory production planning, architecture and ergonomics. And by t...

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keyboard mapping for mac

I cant vouch for how well it works but if you are in a cross platform environment this might be useful.

is exploding dxf blocks necessary

A client is finding to work on a set of my converted plans in Autocad they are having to explode the "blocks" which means it might be quicker to redraw them than to alter them... so that's not good. He is not an autocad master, so he might be missing...

Getting drawings from ArchiCAD project

Hi, I need some drawings for a project that I'm writing. I contacted the architect, and it turns out he is using ArchiCAD, I think it was v6.5. Now he gave me some "layout" files, (.LAY) on a CD, and though I don't use ArchiCAD normally I figured I c...

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ArchForma PROFILER vs. CadImage PROFILER?

Hi, Any one has used these two, ArchForma PROFILER &. CadImage PROFILER? Which is more capable and easer to use( and tech support), specials in 3D? I know ArciForma has other capabilities, but my concern is only the profiler capabilities. Thanks, Jos...

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Font substitution at DWG export?

(I moved this question from another topic, where it didn't belong) When exporting to Autocad, there are many kinds of translation options, for example a STYLE one. However, last time I couldn't find a FONT translation table option. Is it available? T...

Excel files into plotmaker

How can one easily import excel files into plotmaker- it used to be that we used the camera tool and imported them into AC and then made it into PMK file. I understand that now one can imported into plotmaker into a new drawing- save it as PMK. Is th...

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Circles to Autocad

I'm exporting dwg files from Archicad 9 to Autocad Lite (2002 I think). Everything exports fine except my circles. In Autocad, they look extremaly coarse, much like crude polygons (octagons or the like). I guess there's a setting somewhere to fix thi...