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DWG Translation??

I am trying to use default translator in AC 8.1 for 4.7 MB Site Plan pln file and save as dwg file. There are three x-refs attached to this file for three small buildings (2 MB; 1 MB & 1 MB) which were done on AutoCAD. Problem is program starts trans...

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Exporting Archicad in MAYA

Hi to everyone in the forum! I have a problem to export Archicad 8.1 files as OBJ in maya 5.0. The error message in MAYA is "index aout of range" and the problem happens only if in the ARCHICAD files there are some specific library objects (some chai...

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Looking beyond printed plans

I'd like to spur a dialog about the next generation of publishing, data exchange and collaboration. On the one hand I fully agree on the need for PM enhancements. In fact, based on the static nature of the requirements placed on a printed CD set, one...

using zones for finish shedule

Hello, I am trying to include some additional parameters in my room finish schedule. I need to treat each wall separately so that each wall is a separate column to enter info in. I have found in the set up where one acn check off these kinds of param...

Importing objectscreated in Land Development Desktop

I am opening a surveyors Autodesk Land Development Desktop file. Some of the site info is contained in objects created by the software. Curve Data for example is not showing up in ArchiCAD and if the DWG is sent as a ACAD r-13 file the Blocks are exp...

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LT2004 DWG translation

We have been asked by a client to translate our ArchiCAD files into Autocad LT2004 compatible files. Does anybody know what is compatible with LT2004? we only have R14 and R2000 translation plugins, is there a 2004 plugin?

font conversion when publishing from Plotmaker to DWG

I am trying to publish DWGs from plotmaker. Everything works fine except for the fonts. When I open the published DWG in Volo View or AutoCAD the font ArchiTEXT Western has been converted to a stick font that I assume is the default AutoCAD font. I'd...

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Import Jpeg Image

Can you import a jpeg image(any image format) that will appear in the Floor Plan? I want to see if you can overlay zones on top of an image that someone might have sketched up out side of ArchiCAD. Thanks in advance, Ben

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