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Resolved! Duplicate teamwork project (AC20)

Is there a way to duplicate a teamwork project? I would like to migrate a project from 20 to 23, but before that I need to check if everything is ok in 23. So I would like to test the project on a duplicate. Realted question: If I migrate a project f...

DanielH by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Cant see IFC file/data in 3d!

Can anyone help with an IFC problem. I have tried opening and also merging an IFC file into Archicad (v20) but cannot display the file in 3d. That is I can see all the information in 2d and can even generate sections but there is nothing in the 3d wi...

KaeTi by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

import IFC with many floors into 1 floor

Hi, We have a project with 5 floors and we received an ifc from the structural engineers with 25 floors, because they work in a weird way. I looked for this but couldn't find an answer. Is there any way to import/merge the ifc into our archicad file ...

Resolved! IFC cannot write output file error

Hi, I am trying to save a ifs file and i keep getting this error "cannot write output file error" I tried : -saving as ifc and ifcxml -saving only 1 element of the file -saving with a simple name -saving in desktop, server and dropbox -rebuilding the...

I can't see my attached Xref on Worksheet

I'm new to ArchiCAD and I'm following this video, with same dwg for external reference downloaded from here, but when I attach it, the Xref's drawing does not appear at all. I tried by drawing another dwg myself with an Educational AUTOCAD 2020 and a...

Show Operable Window in schedule

I would like to create a window schedule that shows which panels are operable, by default both panels in a double panel casement are operable, while I would like one of them to be fixed. Furthermore, there doesn't exist a three pane casement, I'm usi...

IFC exports for IESVE 2019 software workflow

Dear ArchiCAD comunity, has somebody experience with straight export of geometry model for simulations in IESVE software and knows the possible IFC setting for exporting ? I am unsuccessful to find appropriate workflow for exporting from Archicad 21 ...

Import Terrain from Rhino

Is there a tutorial on how I can import terrain from Rhino? I have the 3d contours of the terrain in Rhino, but I find no way to import it to get the same 3d contours in ArchiCAD to be able to edit like ArchiCAD terrain. Any pointers?;)

How do I reduce BIM status logging to system.log?

How do I turn off BIM status logging to MacOS system.log? I'm see thousands of BIMcloud status messages from the CommandLineConfigurator. How do I disable the status update or change configuration to only log errors to the system.log?

itguy by Newcomer
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Resolved! Exploding DWG

Hi there, and happy holidays. I have been setting up archicad 23 as I have upgraded, I am using the solo license. I have noticed that every time I try to import and explode a DWG in this version, the drawing completely disappears, Layers are all on, ...