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Element ID Manager Standardising

Hello, We're trying to set up presets for the element ID Manager in AC23 but they don't seem to be linked to the file and are stored locally. Has anyone else previously tried to do this? Is there a way to add presets so that they can be standardised?...

JGoode by Advocate
  • 2 replies

Sheet Index Count

I can create a sheet index no problem but is there a way to total the number of drawings? In schedules this is possible but I can't seem to do it with indexes. Thomas Palmer ArchiCAD 23 Macbook Pro - Latest version of OS

Expression question

Hi,'How can I calculate total area of windows in the exterior walls divided by total net area of outside of exterior walls? I get a result only by using the one windows and wall area but it's the inside of the wall which is not what I want. When divi...

Exported file for TAS Engineering or CYPE

I am new to Archicad and I am having issues with the exported model. I have exported the model both in gbxml and IFC4 format to be used in TAS Engineering and Cype softwares. When I import the model, both softwares do not recognise internal partition...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Origin, when Exporting IFC

When exporting IFC, is there some point of origin I can maniulate? We use this IFC as a reference model in Revit, but now I've: 1. lowered the model 2. rotated the model 3. moved the model If I update the IFC reference model in Revit with this new fi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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