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Not found any BIMcloud related license

I've installed BIMcloud-2019.3 and it fails for me during the BIMcloud Manager. It says: BIMcloud Manager configuration failed Please check the log files for details. The last log file written to in the log directory is the license_manager file and i...

Roof accessories not visible

I used the roof accessories on my roof and it looks great in 3d, but is not visible on my roof plan. Am I doing sth wrong or is the limit of the tool?

Samuno by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Live schedules for Markup Entries

Is there a way to get reports on demand in a live schedule for Markup Entries The current text only report gives too little info: Markup Entries Sorted by: Views ------------------------------------------------------------ Name: fusedVR's Markup Styl...

Twinmotion - BIM Information

Has anybody managed to export a file from ArchiCAD into Twinmotion that brings in the BIM Information as well? The live link and .fbx don't display anything other than the surfaces.

Linetypes from an Xref

This might be a very basic question, but how do I control the incoming attributes from an xref? I have a DWG that I want to attach to our plans, but I would like to avoid having extra linetypes that come with it. I thought I could control the convers...

mbl by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

Precison in Schedules

This question may soon turn into a wish, so admins, feel free to move it if you see fit. I was tasked with creating a schedule of steel components of a fairly custom facade, made up from various extrusions of walls, columns, and beams. The main point...

Add null value to Interactive Schedules

Hello, on the screenshots russian ARCHICAD but I hope it's not a problem. I will translate screenshots Here my Interactive Schedule (IS) settings As you can see on the criteria: element type: Window Element ID: ОК-18 Floor: 2 (...