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all materials in one scene

Hey peeps I will just say that I am not working in ArchiCad but I still need to ask this question. Is there an easy way to put all the materials from the template into a scene so that I can export them? Hope you understand my question. //Jakob - 3d-a...

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Point Cloud change anchor reference point

Hi to everybody, i'm working with an archeological site and i need to import a point cloud (already elaborated in another sw photoscan) where i defined my origin of topographic survey (0,0,0). When I import that file, ArchiCad considers it as an obje...

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  • 2 replies

real time Element Information

Via the Element Information palette we can view (for example) the length of a Spline changing as we adjust it. Useful information for something like shop drawings for radiant tubing or something where you need to know the total length of loops so the...

BIMcloud Basic and External Snapshot settings

I am running an installation of BIMcloud Basic, which is 1 or 2 versions out of date (v. While looking around within BIMcloud Server Configurator, I noticed an option to store Snapshots on an external folder. Great! I checked the box, cy...

Resolved! Surface Scheduling

Hi! This is my first time posting to the forum, so please bare with me. I have spent forever trying to make a schedule that lists various finishes in my projects. Everything from paint colors to tile to steel to wood paneling. It seems that the best ...

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Hello, Iam working zone lists and i have few questions, This is what I got now : 1. I would want to have sum by zones category, (for example : adminstrative zones 200m2 and other zones 50m 2, Sum of all 250m2) 2. I would want to change font of text t...

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  • 6 replies

Schedules with Sub-Headings

Hi All, I use zones to calculate areas and table them using Schedules. If I've got a multi unit site I want to be able to have one table with the areas for each part of the Unit listed under that Unit sub-heading; How do I about that? For example: Ar...