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migrating component-descriptor database locked _CRIT.LIS

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Hi I have developed a large databse with work descriptions that I use for estimating quantities and costs based on Erik Wilks's book. Lately I had to move the database to a new archicad installation on another computer.

The problems that I encountered, is that after I copy the files to the properties folder of the new installation, when I try to edit criteria,

1. the composite names that I use as criteria are missing.
On the dialog asign properties by criteria the criteria are ok but the name of the composite says missing instead of the name of the composite.

2. when I make the changes that I need and try to close the dialog, it asks me to save changes and thats ok until I press save and another dialog comes up that says that the file is read only continue without saving?. This happens also on setup list schemes dialog where I made some changes on the list schemes and they couldn't be saved, giving me the same message.

I hope a solution can be found, thanks in advance

try to move archicad lybrary out of installation folder, and use names shorter than 22 characters.

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Thanks that did the job. Its a petty though that I cannot have composite names longer than 22 characters.

Thanks for the fast response

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