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printing, publishing in team work settings

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Hi all,

I cannot publish docments to plotmaker from publisher when I am signed in to a project as a team member in ArchiCAD 9 . ( the option is inactive)
None of the team members can publish, but only the team leader can do.

Is this set up like this by default or are we missing a step so everyteam member can publish.

Or any other suggestion how I can publish to plot maker from a team project

thanks in advance.

It's definitely not intended to work that way. I've published to Plotmaker from AC9 teamwork jobs more times that I like to remember, regardless of sign-in role.

Which option is inactive and where?
Tom Waltz

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I go to File/ Publisher/ Publish

the publisher window opens up.
I can select stories but i can not drag them to the publisher side.
I can not change the location to be changed, that is in active
I can not change the format to either to pmk or pdf pr dwg. that is inactive.

the only thing I can do is I can publish them as it is set up by the the leader, in that format, to that destination

Is that the way it should be?

So you can publish once the view is created (i.e., make the PMK, PDF, or DWG), but you cannot edit the View Set or Publisher Sets. Publishing and creating/editing a View Set are very different.

Once the View Set is created, anyone can Publish it.

Only the user who created a View Set can edit or add to it in Archicad 9. It was a really annoying problem that is sort of better in AC10. (you can add to a view set as any user, only Team Leader can edit a view after it's created)
Tom Waltz

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so the key is to create a new view set by the teammate.

Annoying it is, right
maybe time to upgrade to AC10

but I got them published now, with this option

thanks Tom.

I have to admit, AC10 was one of the better upgrades I've ever seen. It's not perfect and there are still things to complain about, but it is WAY better than AC9 in a lot of ways.
Tom Waltz

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