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"Quantity" field in Scheme settings and Epressions

I am trying to create a template window schedule. One of the aspects that i tried customizing is the display of the actual units next to the values (ex. 2.40m instead of just 2.40). For most of the fields (width, length, area etc) I did this using properties and expressions (CONCAT and STRCALCUNIT functions with a custom text added).
My problem is with the Quantity field (Scheme Settings/Fields/Add Fields/General/Quantity) as I am trying to do the same with this one, but it just doesn't show up in the Expression Editor/Parameters&Properties list as all the other ones did.
Any help would be appreciated .
Thank you

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Am sorry but in my knowledge of schedules, what you're seeking is not possible yet.

Parameters are defined for project elements only and you're trying to use a "result" of a schedule in a formula of parameters. This just can't work

I hope someday AC Schedules will include some basic spreadsheet function such as the one you look for.

But what you can do is create a new parameter, let's call it "Unity", and define as "Units" for your windows, then make it appears right next to the Quantity field.

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In the example I did renamed the column in the schedule... (My AC is in French)

Thank you.

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