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DWG import to Archicad

Hello I am a long time user of Archicad but in recent years I have had issues with importing dwg files from consultants with lots of viewports / xrefs in the model space.What ends up happening is instead of a viewport in the model space being shown (...

PClarke by Newcomer
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Resolved! Log in to BIMcloud

I was just hired by an architect and he gave me the id and password to log into bimcloud. I installed bimcloud, but I have no idea where to log in so I can start work?! Any help is welcomed.

DWG Blocks

Hi All,We are obligated to submit area calculations marked with polygons and blocks with area use codes, to a DWG robot software that checks the drawing. we have a good Archicad translator that does the job, except for additional automatic numbering ...

Dani by Newcomer
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Surfaces won't delete.

Hi All, I'm working on a new template for my office, and I'm working on deleting and updating the surfaces on the template. However, I noticed the file has a lot of surfaces we don't use. And After deleting the surfaces when I open the file again, th...

Hotlink methods - which one do you use?

Since the early days I've always used the simple method editing the modules in another Archicad. However on the last project we ran into a few attribute problems and it was suggested we use the Iceberg method. Personally I don't like lots of negative...

Resolved! Export IFC with local origin (native survey point)

Hello, we have recently started using AC25 and the new native survey point feature, which is working very well for export to DWG, but we are having trouble with the IFC export. No matter the settings in the IFC translator under Geometry Conversion it...

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