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AC21 Update: Windows and Doors: Zone Name / Number

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So, I have been using ArchiCAD quite effectively for some time now. I like to think that I pretty much get it.

We have a project that is pretty far along. We were on the fence about whether to migrate this project to AC21, or to simply finish it in AC20. We ultimately went ahead and migrated... And now, the vast majority of my windows and none of my doors are showing their zone name or number in their respective schedules. I have deleted and re-inserted windows, doors, and zones. Zone heights are accurate to match ceiling heights in each room. Is there some new checkbox within door/window settings I am unable to find?

For what its worth, I started a new project from scratch, and hammered out a quick cube of walls with some zones, windows, and doors, and am getting the same result. ZERO zone names or numbers.
Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hello Aaron,

Unfortunately this bug seems a little bit complex, and we know how to fix it for the next main version, but we are struggling with finding a solution to solve this in an update without causing major problems in other areas.

Still, the investigation of this bug is very high priority, and we want to include it in the next update if we can (but I am not sure we can solve it in time).

I understand that it causes a lot of headache for you guys, and thank you for being so patient so far.

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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dkovacs wrote:

If you really have a schedule that won't report zones and a "fixed" version with the Zone layer turned on, I would really like to take a look, as it might be a bug.

Regarding the issue with Zones in a hidden Renovation Status, this is a bug that we have just found. We are already working on the fix!

Just want to confirm that this is indeed a problem. I had no idea that saved schedule views had editable View Settings (just like saved plan/elevation views). When I discovered this and went into the view settings menu of my schedules, their Layer Combinations were set to "(MISSING)" after one of my last template changes.

For me, the zone information was behaving erratically. At times, the "Related Zone" Name and Number would show up in my published schedules, and at other times not. On a few occasions, I was able to fix it by updating/opening random views, and then attempting another export. I'm wondering if my schedule views were just picking up the Layer Combination of the last saved view I had opened (my current method is to simply show/hide a "ZONES" layer, depending on the type of plan).

Is this an intentional feature, or a bug? I can't think of any valuable uses for this.

And, as you know, the renovation status issue is still a thing. A NEW window's zone information won't show up in the schedules if placed within an EXISTING zone.

I figure posting this info might prevent someone else from launching their desktop out of a window. I was getting pretty close...


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