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Beam volume doubled in schedule?


Today I discovered a curious issue when calculating material volumes. All my beams doubled their volume in the schedule. I tried converting them all to morphs and all of them were halved in volume to their correct amount. Why is this happening? It is creating quite a lot of problems for me!

Thank you!
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Barry Kelly
What type of schedule is it - element or component?
Can you post a screen shot of the schedule settings - criteria and fields?


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James B
I'd also check the schedule scheme, is it checking Beam and/or Beam Segment? It may be checking the Beam and Beam Segment data - may want to add element type is not Beam Segment.
James Badcock
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The Same applies for Columns. You Have to either select Beam Parts or "Full" Beam, if you calculate volume you have to exclude one of them or you'll get duplicate values.
They actually "coexist" in the model.
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Ah yes, thank you all! That was it!

I was using the components interactive schedule and hadn't really specified what element types should be included, but it worked if I removed either one of them.

Thanks again!
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TBH, this is a quite radical approach GS is taking to scheduling items. It is not clear at all this will happen when you create a schedule.

In my opinion, it should exclude double elements by default or simply not schedule them unless they are implicitly specified.

Hope GS realises that a lot of schedules created in Archicad are most likely issued with wrong quantities.

My wish would be to have a category of items to include/exclude in schedules or selection criteria etc.. Similar to how you have "All types", "3D types" and "2D types", perhaps "All subcomponents" or whatever naming convention GS chooses to use.

It is a bit of work to add a long list of exclusions every time you are building a schedule.

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