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Linetype merging from surveyor file

I often need to merge a dwg file from a surveyor into an archicad drawings and this works pretty well except for the linetypes. I usually need to go through and redifine the linetypes in the surveyors legend and assign new line types to the survey where needed. The biggest problem is when a surveyor uses linetypes that include a character which is usually for service lines. ie the underground water line will use a line type that has a 'w' character embedded in it. Archicad does not recognize this as far as i can tell. is there a way to create a custom line type with a character?
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Hello Arcadia!

Excuse my limited understanding of the word "surveyor". Do you mean landscape mapping (in Norwegian Situation Map) e.g. a map of for example 1:1000 that you place your Floor Plan on? If so: What about using the Worksheet Tool to do the transfer of the DWG File to ArchiCAD?
Set the Worksheet active in Navigator.
Use File - External Content - Place External Drawing.
Select the drawing by using the Arrow Tool and Ctrl+A and then Explode into Current View. Choose Keep Drawing Primitives only. This so the linetypes and text from the DWG-file may be open to change.
Then you have the DWG "under" your house and are ready to work...
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David Maudlin
Arcadia wrote:
... is there a way to create a custom line type with a character?

You can create a symbol line type with a character, but the character will need to be made from Lines & Arcs. For more information with images, go to Help > ArchiCAD Help, when your browser opens click on the "Search" tab, and input "symbol line" in the search box, in the results list "Line Types Dialog Box" will lead to detailed information. You should also check the template file that came with ArchiCAD, in the US version, there are more than 10 line types that have letters as part of the line.

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I don't recall seeing built-in line types with a letter but I will have another look. I never thought of using lines to create a letter. I'll do this I think and create a set of std linetypes I can use to quickly ssign to surveyor files for services. Thanks.
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