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Quantity and Cost estimation from ArchiCAD


Dear All,

Quantity and Cost estimation from ArchiCAD (Compared with Cigraph’ s Archiquant add-on and Vicco Office).

I do not know estimation practices fellow ArchiCAD users are using. But I, in our country expect quantity and cost estimates of components required in elements and objects (walls, beams, etcetera along with GDL Objects). The reason is rates of components vary with elements at various locations.

I would expect volume of wood, number of hardware pieces, area of glass and number of carpenters along with respective costs when estimating a wooden door. (* “Cigraph’ s Archiquant” add-on can do this)

I have tried to search this solution to my problem of detailed component level cost estimation for more than one and half decade from Graphisoft, user-forums, my software dealers, and many others.

This is about finding quantity and cost estimation through ArchiCAD, without any success.

Cigraph and its CEO Istvan Toth gave me some relief for what I had wanted. However, Cigraph has collapsed and hence I am back to the square one.

“ArchiCAD calculation module” of ArchiCAD has not changed for one and half decade and I do not think any practice depends on it for its failure to calculate from all the properties like the width height volumes surfaces parameters in elements and gdl objects. The report format of the same is worst, and no one can program it to a desired format.

The question remains if there is any solution to detailed cost estimation which will give quantity and cost estimates of components from the ArchiCAD model.

In India this is very much required.

In India we grossly depend on “schedule of rates” prepared by government departments, and they are a good database and that they are backed by analysis of component quantities of the listed items of buildings.

Many software companies in India and abroad have created software that link building elements like walls, beams columns to the database items of the district schedule of rates from Revit. But it is sad that no one has developed such linking which Cigraph provided.

Now with the end of Cigraph, future of above-described estimation in detail from ArchiCAD faces a dead wall.

Someone from Graphisoft -Hong Kong office suggested me a software but that to had linking to Autodesk products only.

I remember Graphisoft had prepared a 6D estimation module sometime in 2006 which I presume was handed over to Vicco. Does it work with ArchiCAD in the original way? But I presume it is extremely expensive and hence un-affordable to small practices like ours. What is opinion of the fellow architects?

In short, Will someone guide me so that I can generate detailed quantity and cost estimates either from ArchiCAD or any other third-party software makers who can link data of ArchiCAD?

Architect Narendra Suryavanshi-ArchiCAD User, Designer and Owner


Hi @Botonis, thank you for the update on the webinar. I have had a quick look at a couple of videos from Cigraph Archiquant. It looks pretty good to me. It would be great if in the future AC28 on its “add ons” site has it listed there along with other special tools that we can also use. 

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Hello @Botonis, seems that the new version of Archiquant, called BIMkit Quant, will come in last part of 2024, if you're interested, you could check the website, these plug-in are made by Fermat Design, one of the Italian regional reseller, that buy the native code of the greatest part of Cigraph plug-in and is adapting/updating them.


In this moment they released the first package called bimkit FREE, that contains Architiles and Archipanel plug-in for free

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I googled BIMKIT and i got something not related to archicad , can you please share a link ?

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But it is a pure Italian-language page. No English (yet).

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In the video there was a title for an addon "Quant Plus"....!!!!

This reminds the movie phrase of Arnold:

I ll be back!! 

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@strangeday  just seen your message after posting a reply...!

These were the best news since Design Options in A27!


Thanks for sharing this . I have already contacted them for more info as I was already an Archiquantplus user. 

Botonis Botonakis
Civil Engineer, Enviromental Design MSc., BIM Manager for BS ArhitectsVR
Company or personal website
Archicad 27. Windows 11. Intel Xeon 2699x2,64 GB RAM, Nvidia 3080Ti. 2 Monitors.
Miha Nahtigal

I have an internal add-on for Quantity and Cost Estimation. It works by linking web-app records to Archicad objects with user-defined formulas. It can be exported to Excel afterwards.

I've uploaded a short video. If anyone interested, I could publish a beta.

BIMquants.comBETA - Quantities and Costs Estimation with Archicad AddOn :: rushing to publish a beta preview

I could be interested on testing a beta version. Go for it.


Have you already tried it with the ContraBIM's tools, tips, and tricks:

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