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Shell Negative Volume Schedule

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Hi All,

Could anyone help me with an issue I've found where the calculated volume of a revolved shell turns out as a negative quantity?

I'm trying to determine the total volumes of various materials within a composite structure shell. The attached schedule returns a negative quantity of the innermost layer "Tile - Roof", and leads me to distrust the other quantities!

In the attached image you'll see the calculated volume is higher when holes ARE considered, which I'm guessing is a related issue.

The shell was created with an arc revolved around a different radius, and then various SEO's applied.

Any thoughts / similar experiences / suggestions are warmly received!

I'm running ArchiCAD 18 on osx10.9.5.

Schedule screen grab.jpg

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...and with the 3D and element info screen grab.

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Solution? Update: the volume calculations seem to be affected by the material of the SEO operator object (two hidden slabs in this case). The solution seems to have been to assign the same composite structure to the operator as the dome. I would suggest that this is because the calculation is based on the material 'type' assignment in the 'composite structure' dialogue, but I can't confirm.

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