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Rhinoceros — GDL Converter

Emoke Csikos

The Rhinoceros - GDL Converter is a part of the Rhino – Grasshopper – ARCHICAD Toolset.

Create native ARCHICAD objects in Rhinoceros

With this toolset, designers can save a selected part of a Rhino model in a native ARCHICAD object file (.gsm or .lcf) format. Depending on the complexity of the model and its intended use in ARCHICAD, users can choose to generate a single object (.gsm) from Rhino or library container file (.lcf) containing multiple object parts.

The "Single Object Import" workflow is recommended to import small‐sized single objects or groups of small objects in .gsm format to ARCHICAD.

The "Complex Structure Import" workflow is recommended to import — and also update — larger, complex Rhino models as a coherent set of GDL objects, using ARCHICAD's LCF file format (Library Container File).

Download Rhinoceros - GDL Converter

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