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Point Cloud - Troubleshooting Guide

Huge Point Clouds can't be opened in ARCHICAD Affected version: 19 and later | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 191641 Issue Importing Point Clouds that result in a .lcf file larger than 4GB cannot be done because of the limitation of the .lcf e...

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Element Properties - Troubleshooting Guide

ARCHICAD Properties are used to add optional descriptive data to a Building Element (Construction Element, Object-type-Element or Zone. Please find below some of the known issues, limitations and requirements that you should be aware of. Known Issues...

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Rhinoceros - GDL Converter - FAQ

What is the Rhinoceros - GDL Converter? The Rhinoceros® - GDL converter enables users on Windows platform to export a model created in Rhino, and import it to ARCHICAD (to both Mac and Windows platforms). The Rhino-ARCHICAD link converts Rhino model ...

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External Content - Troubleshooting guide

The External Content Menu is missing from the File menu in ARCHICAD 19 Solo edition Affected version: 19 Solo | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 200991 NOTE: This issue will be fixed in ARCHICAD 20 Solo. Issue The External Content menu is missin...

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How to Open and Save 3D DWG or 3DS Files

3D modelling softwares have different engines to compute objects, they have their own file formats. The conversion between these applications goes usually in two ways: Using DWG/DXF format: the content of the file depends on the conversion system of ...

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DXF/DWG Translation Setup - Translator List.xml

The 'Translator List.Xml'file is located in the following folder: On PC: C:/Users//AppData/Roaming/Graphisoft/AC/Dxf-Dwg Preferences On the Mac: /Users//Library/Preferences/Graphisoft/AC/x86/Dxf-Dwg Preferences Translator List.XML is automatically cr...

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