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Data Exchange articles


Export Component-Level Data to IFC

Export customized data for individual components in IFC format In earlier versions of Archicad, we couldn’t export customized data for individual components (not just elements as a whole) in IFC format, so component-level quantity reports required wo...

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Morphs Exported as IfcSpace

Compliance with the German BIM modeling guidelines In general, during certain workflows, it is necessary to model rooms with the Morph Tool in addition to the Zone Tool. In addition to this modeling method, the new German BIM modeling guidelines requ...

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Tekla Project Base File for the Structural Team

Note: This article is written based on Archicad 19.This post is a follow-up of previous post Project Base Files for Coordination. In case the Structural team decided to use Tekla Structures for their BIM authoring then they need a Project Base File i...

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Project Base Files for Coordination

Note: This article is written based on Archicad 19.Architectural team shall setup a Project Base File that can be used by the rest of the project partners to facilitate smooth coordination. Base file can be called as a project specific template that ...

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Splitting Rules of IFC Mapping

This post is to follow up on the previously published ‘Syncing Zone Cover Fills and Floor Finishes’ article where we mapped the Cover Fill value of the Zones to a custom made IFC property and made it appear in the Zone Stamp, this way saving some tim...

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Revit to Archicad Exchange – Door Swing Issue

Recently came across an issue with door swings when IFC file is exported from Revit 2019 ( The doors get mirrored when imported into Archicad or Solibri. This is a big concern as the submission drawings were produced with swing direction a...

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Frequently Asked Questions About IFC

What are IFC and MVD? The IFC file format is ISO-certified and it was developed by the BuildingSMART (formerly the IAI - the International Alliance for Interoperability). IFC is the only open and standard 3D object-oriented exchange format used by BI...

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