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Converting STL files into GDL Objects

Using STL (StereoLithography File) content can be a great tool in building up a custom library. Follow the steps below to convert STL content into GDL objects. Opening Content 1. Go to File > Open > Open. 2. Select the STL file to import, check the b...

Stair flight numbers in section

There are two ways to label stairs in a section: manually (one by one) or automatically. The manual way is to use the Label Tool, find the Stair Riser Step Index and Stair Tread Step Index from the favorites, which are included in the default ARCHICA...

Modify Morph segmentation

When using magic wand to place a morph, it will become polygonal instead of a proper circle. Why? It's easy to come across this phenomenon. We place a circle and then use the Magic Wand to place a Morph surface within. You will notice, that the segme...

How to Enter Distances in Archicad

For entering distances in Archicad the Tracker is used. Entering distances works the same way in 2D and in 3D. The Tracker appears during element input and it follows your mouse movements, constantly providing feedback about the distance and angle or...

apolgar by Graphisoft

How to create cladding using the new Curtain Wall tool

With the new Curtain Wall tool, released on ARCHICAD 22 Version, it is possible to create many different Panel Classes straight from the Curtain Wall Setting Dialog. You can even create a Cladding Panel using the new GDL Panel Type called CW Composit...

Curtain Wall Tool - Intersection Priorities

Before the revamped Curtain Wall Tool was released in ARCHICAD 22, intersection priorities were taken in count when creating a Curtain Wall, but not used as a creative tool. Boundary, Mullion and Transom frames did have a priority, but these were fix...

Parametric Profiles - Schematic design variations

We're famous for having Tools which can be used for more than their original function. Profiles are used in Walls, Beams and Columns to create custom elements tailored to the project. Use the parametric profiles to create design alternatives using on...

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