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Parametric Profiles - Schematic design variations

We're famous for having Tools which can be used for more than their original function. Profiles are used in Walls, Beams and Columns to create custom elements tailored to the project. Use the parametric profiles to create design alternatives using on...

Parametric Profiles - Adjustable fireproofing

As a newly introduced feature in ARCHICAD 22, the parametricity of profiles can be used for multiple purposes. One of them is to create adjustable fireproofing/insulation for beam or column elements. Later, the thickness can be adjusted by element, l...

Parametric Profiles - Wall with offsetable skins

A Wall element can be a simple wall and it can also use composites or profiles. Composite structures can be used with Shell, Roof and Slab elements as well, can have up to 48 skins with individual skin separator lines However, since with ARCHICAD 22 ...

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