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Modify Morph segmentation

When using magic wand to place a morph, it will become polygonal instead of a proper circle. Why? It's easy to come across this phenomenon. We place a circle and then use the Magic Wand to place a Morph surface within. You will notice, that the segme...

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How to Enter Distances in Archicad

For entering distances in Archicad the Tracker is used. Entering distances works the same way in 2D and in 3D. The Tracker appears during element input and it follows your mouse movements, constantly providing feedback about the distance and angle or...

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Accessories Add-On

How to use Accessories Add-on With the help of this ARCHICAD Add-On, you can supplement the roof, slab, and wall elements with special objects. Make sure you add the Accessories Library to your project, using Library Manager. First, select an existin...

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Modeling of floating floor screed edge detail in ARCHICAD

This article explains methods of enhancing the appearance of connections of floors and walls in model section views. Description of the floating floor screed edge detail In most cases the solution for floors to match soundproofing requirements is to ...

wp-content_uploads_2017_11_floating_floor-150x150.png wp-content_uploads_2017_11_floating_floor_detail-300x254.png wp-content_uploads_2017_11_floating_floor2-221x300.png wp-content_uploads_2017_11_floating_floor_profile-300x281.png
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Split Levels – Tips & Tricks

ARCHICAD approaches the design workflows strongly level-based – it is of great significance to which story the elements belong. As a consequence of that the planning of buildings with split levels may be slightly more difficult in certain cases. This...

wp-content_uploads_2016_07_split-1024x549.jpg wp-content_uploads_2016_07_CARPARK-Copy-1-1024x329.jpg wp-content_uploads_2016_07_Gated-Community-on-a-Hillside.png wp-content_uploads_2016_07_Gravity-1.jpg

How to Distribute/Multiply Elements Along a Path

Let's say you want to distribute trees along a given path. From ARCHICAD 21 and up, you have the option in the Multiply dialogue to do just that. Let's see how. Distribute Elements along a Path Before you start, make sure you have a path placed. This...

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Mesh To Roof Add-On

Irregular "free-form" shapes can be modeled using the mesh tool. These items can be converted to roofs with this Add-On. The new "Create Roofs from Mesh" command will appear in the "Design/Design Extras" menu by default. How to use "Mesh To Roof" Add...

wp-content_uploads_2017_05_Screen-Shot-2017-06-15-at-13.29.37-300x80.png wp-content_uploads_2017_05_mesh-to-roof-300x200.png

Profiler Add-On

The Profiler Add-On allows you to create Object type Library Parts by extruding a profile along a straight or curved path. The new Profiler command will appear in the Design/Design Extras sub-menu by default. How to use Profiler Add-On To create an o...


Interior Wizard Add-On

The Interior Wizard command enhances the modeling of 3D Zones by applying Accessory Objects to selected walls, ceilings, and floors and creating interior finish elements. You can edit the shape and the material parameters of these elements using stan...

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Set up the ARCHICAD stories. For the story setup, coordinate with the other stakeholders. The screenshot below shows a typical coordinated story setup. Stories/Levels – Real World (option1) Set the ARCHICAD elevation values in the site model to the r...

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