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How to Store Find & Select Criteria

Archicad’s Find & Select tool lets you easily select the exact elements you want to work with. For general information on this feature, see Find and Select Elements by Criteria in ARCHICAD Help. A less well-known feature of this Tool is the ability t...

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Editable Topography from ARCHICAD to Revit

This original article is written by Chidam and can be found at ASIABIM: Occasionally, the Designer needs to exchange BIM models with other project partners. If each ...

Nguyen Minh by Graphisoft Moderator

Eye-Dropper and Syringe

Parameter transfer, also known as the eye-dropper and syringe, is the easiest way to pick up the parameters of one element and transfer them to another element of the same type. Simple usage of these tools allows you to speed up your pace while drawi...

How to Work Precisely in Archicad

In Archicad the flexibility is given for just sketching up the building without having to numerically specify the correct size or location of an element, but if it's coming to a proper design process, you have to place the elements with a certain siz...

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apolgar by Graphisoft

Rotate Elements in 3D

Free rotation is available for Shells, Curtain Walls and Morphs in the 3D window, while other construction elements can be rotated only horizontally. Settings, controlling their slope or pitch vary by element type: Walls can be slanted or double slan...

wp-content_uploads_2018_12_free_rotate.gif wp-content_uploads_2018_12_editing_plane.gif

How to change the Home Story of an element in ARCHICAD

If you drag an element in a section or in 3D to a different story, the Home Story of the element won't be adjusted. So, it can happen, that an element is located on e.g the 1st story but it has a different Home Story. (To avoid issues like that use '...

apolgar by Graphisoft

Trimming in 2D

Trim function helps you to edit the existing elements quickly and easily in 2D and 3D. This is done by CTRL-clicking (on Windows) / CMD-clicking (on Mac OS) elements on the Floor Plan. One can cut off unneeded portions of Walls, Lines, Arcs etc., spl...

Modify Morph segmentation

When using magic wand to place a morph, it will become polygonal instead of a proper circle. Why? It's easy to come across this phenomenon. We place a circle and then use the Magic Wand to place a Morph surface within. You will notice, that the segme...

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