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The Opening Tool in the Architect’s Workflow

The Opening Tool is one of the new features of ARCHICAD 23, a must-have BIM design tool for the modeling, information management and documentation of openings. Use the new Opening Tool to create holes and recesses/niches that penetrate any number of ...

Scheduling Doors by Zone

ARCHICAD allows users to schedule their doors by zone. Please follow the steps below to learn how to setup a door schedule and how to change the zone a door belongs to. Create a Door Schedule In this example we will only be setting up a schedule that...

How To Create a Frameless Corner Window

You can easily create frameless corner windows in ARCHICAD the way described below: You can use the simple Window Tool instead of the Corner Window Tool, however not all Window objects are suitable for this. In this example I used the Horizontal Mult...

How to Place Doors and Windows in ARCHICAD 17

The principles of the door and window placement The placement of openings is still done with two clicks: The first click for the longitudinal positioning in the wall and also for the determination of the reveal side. The second click for the opening ...

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How to create Custom Window

In ARCHICAD, it is possible to save elements created on the Floor Plan as GDL files, so that they become a new Object, Door or Window or custom components of existing GDL Library Parts. Saving structural elements as Library Parts can be a very useful...

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