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2 Window Display Mode

Is it possible to have 2 views docked in Archicad Window next to each other in a similar way as in programs such as Maya, Rhino or Cinema 4D ? It is enough to use ghost view of another drawing when you need two 2D drawings. But sometimes I would like to partially work in 3D window and in 2D window and I have to switch all the time or have both windows freely floating in program's window.

Archicad 16, Win 8.1

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Kind of.

In Windows at least, not sure about Mac, if you look to the upper right hand corner of the program you will see the minimize/window/close buttons. You can "window" individual views and place them around your work place. At one point I had AC stretched across three 24" 1920x1200 monitors. The middle monitor was 2d, the right was 3d, and the left was pallets and such.

There are problems and I'll leave finding the nuances to making it workable up to you. But in the end I gave up on it as it was touchy. You might be able to live with it but until Graphisoft gives this part of the interface some more love I'm trying to make what they got going work.

One caveat if it's the same for you as it was for me, is the 3D window doesn't update until you click on it.


This is how I solved it and 3D does not refresh automatically. Frankly, I posses only one monitor so I can't sort views in the way you've mentioned.
At least now I know that it is impossible to obtain 2 window display mode in Archicad. However, it might come handy in Archicad 16 while using morph tool.
Archicad 16, Win 8.1

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