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2D Outlines to 3D objects with profiler

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Hello everyone,
I'm wanting to create a custom column from
a 2d outline. I was hoping to take the 2d outline
and simply copy & paste it into the Complex Profiler,
but you can't do that. So how do you do it?
In the other programs I would just draw and outline
and revolve it about an axis to get a 3d object. Or
loft it along a path. Is Archicad not set up for this?
Thanks for you help.

Which complex profiler? (Archicad has Profiler and it has Complex Walls/Beams/Columns. Which one do you mean?)
Tom Waltz

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See, that's part of my ongoing problem
with Archicad. It's not in one logical place.
The routines are scattered all over the menus
depending on what tense you are using.
The routine I had tried was under the
DESIGN menu titled Complex Profiles,
which leads you to the PROFILE Manager.
I see now that PROFILES could be under
the DESIGN menu under Design Extras,
which leads you to PROFILER.
All I care about is how to take a 2d
section profile from my drawing
and turn it into a 3d object
so I can place it into my model.
Thank you for your time and help.

Yup. You have my sympathy.

Back in the old days, say 1992, Archicad was fun. It was sort of like SketchUp is now. Easy commands coupled with logical intuition brought success: Architecture was a video game!

Now Archicad is like Leo Kottke on his "My Feet Are Smiling" album where he says "And now i'm going to take a lovely melody and drive it right into the ground." He proceeds to do so with some lovely guitar work.

You are correct that the Archicad interface has become layered and non-intuitive. While easy for an old timer who remembers the incremental changes and copes with them, to confront the program in its complexity all at once is daunting. Plug-ins, Add-ons. Add-ons and Plug-ins. Anything at all with a hyphen.

Let's hope that since Archicad seems to be upgrading with fewer and fewer features each time that they might have time to address user interface and usability issues.
Dwight Atkinson

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Hello Everyone,

Thank you Dwight for the backup. I had been using
Nemetschek's Allplan for years and love it's seeming
anticipation of one's work flow. It took awhile to re-
learn the new software because it was more efficient
and took less clicks to get my work done. Not such
a bad thing to learn. Now with ARchicad I'm finding
that I have to learn again in the other direction. More
clicks, less done. Perhaps now that Nemetschek has
bought Archicad that they'll apply their same attention
to details and work flow simplicity.
Besides all of that, I still need to know if or how to
take a 2d section outline and create a 3d column.
Thank you for any help in this.

Karl Ottenstein
Back to your question, Matt: both Profiler and Complex Profiles use fills, not linework, for the profile to be extruded. Simply magic your linework with the fill tool.

One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.2, iMac Pro

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Hi Karl,
Thank you very much for the
I found that I need to use the Profiler
under the DESIGN ---- Design Extras menu
for this to work.
I now know it's better to ask first and
search later.
Thank you again.

Of course, in version 11, you'll probably do all of this profile stuff with the complex profile and the wall tool, IHOP.[International Humble Opinion of Pancakes]
Dwight Atkinson

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