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2D and 3D object origin

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I hope someone here has the answer.
I've modified an existing tree, changing the image in 2D with the help of 'fragment2 all' script.
The problem is that, when inserted in the working plan, the 2D and 3D origins do not match. I tried to move the 2D image in the 2D box, or paste another one. But for now nothing has worked.
How I make them match?
Thank you!

Barry Kelly
When you open the object scripts and look at the 2D preview or 2D symbol preview (for fragments), you will see the global origin.

When you open the 3D preview you will see 2 origins - a Global (G) and a Local (L).

You will need to use transformation commands (ADD2 (2D script) & ADD (3D script)) to move the objects so they sit at the same position in relation to the Global origin.
Or in the case of the 2D fragment image (2D symbol preview), it needs to be in the same position as the 3D in relation to the Global origin.

It is hard to say exactly what you have to do without having your object or at least seeing the 2D and 3D scripts and in your case the 2D fragment image as well.


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it worked with the addx and addy for 3D script.
thank you so much!

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